Saturday, July 12 / 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM   •   Corfú

Session 83:
Timing of Family Formation

Chair: Gunnar Andersson, Stockholm University

  1. Influence of opportunity structures on transitions and trajectories to family formationRajulton Fernando, University of Western Ontario ; Zenaida R. Ravanera, University of Western Ontario ; Thomas K. Burch, University of Victoria

  2. Adolescent fertility around the WorldLeticia J. Marteleto, University of Texas at Austin ; José Antonio Ortega, United Nations

  3. Postponing maternity in IrelandCathal O'Donoghue, Teagasc ; David W Meredith, Teagasc ; Eamon O'Shea, NUI Galway

  4. Exploring the effects of spousal education and employment on female age at first birth using international census micro dataElisabeth D. Root, University of Colorado at Boulder ; Margaret A Carrel, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  5. The timing of family formationTorsten Schröder, University of Bremen ; Katharina Maul, University of Bremen

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