The socio-economic effects of ageing on intergenerational relations between the young and old people in a Yoruba Community in Southwestern Nigeria

Mustapha m.o Opatola, Obafemi Awolowo University
Ojo M Agunbiade, Obafemi Awolowo University

The study examined the socio-economic effects of ageing on intergenerational relations in a Yoruba town in Southwestern Nigeria. Ageing represents a process of deterioration overtime reflecting both biological changes as well as cultural and societal conventions.Limited evidence is available on the socio-economic effects of ageing especially during health related problems on intergenerational relations.An exploratory appraoch was adopted.Purposively two categories of informants old(60 years above)and young(18-59years)were selected.A total of 50 indepth interviews were held. In the selection process,gender,ethicity,care for an aged person(above 60 years) with a health related problem were used.The study revealed that there are gross socio-economic consequences of old age health problems on intergenerational realtions.Old persons expects care for their health problems from the young people.To enjoy this gesture in old age,young people are encouraged to be educated,engage in politics,business over other conventional occupations like farming and craftsmanship.The former are perceived as potentional and sure sources of better support during old age over the latter. In addition,the absence or inadequate support from the government to the aged makes government employees apprehensive and a temptation to engage in corrupt practices while in active service.The study concluded that old age fears should be critically considered in the anti-corruption crusade in Nigeria.

Presented in Poster Session 1