Cuban international migration and low fertility conditions impact over the aging of the population. Consequences of intergenerational relations of older adults

Madelín Gómez León, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Esther María León Díaz, Centro de Estudios de Población y Desarrollo (CEPDE). ONE.

Cuban population is aging more rapidly than any other country in Latin America. In 2006, 17 % of its population is 60 and over and 31 % is expected by 2030. Total population is decreasing since 2006 at a rate of 0,4 0/00. During the last 40 years emigration rate is higher than 2.0 0/00. It is likely that this migration pattern will continue. Cuban fertility rates are below replacement since 1978. In 2006 global fertility rate is 1, 39 per woman. The objective of this paper is to analyze the effect of migration and fertility on the increase of the rate of population aging in Cuba. The impact of population aging on the intergenerational relations of older adults in Havana City will also be consider.

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