The state of ageing and health situation in Kerala

Balasubramanian Subramanian Vinayagam, University of Kerala
Mohanachandran P. Nair, University of Kerala

Among the Indian States,Kerala has the higher proportion of elderly population.According to 2001 census the number of elderly was 3.3 million.The main objective of the study is to analyze the prevalence of chronic ailment during ageing in different socio-economic and demographic groups.Survival Analysis and Cox Regression Models were applied in order to study the problem in details.It was clearly evident from the analysis that the probability density function is very high in between the age group 80+,which gives the idea that the risk of having functional disability is maximum in this age group.Hazard rate is also very high in this age group.The result of the Cox Regression reveals that those who have completed higher secondary education have 27 percent higher chance of getting functional disability but those who have completed the graduation and above have 24 percent lesser chance of having functional disability compared to illiterate or completed primary level education.Occupation wise analysis reveals that pensioners’ and current worker have lesser chance of getting disability of 32 and 25 percent respectively compared to nonworkers.If we take the case of religion Christians and Muslims have 32 percent higher chance of having disability compared to Hindus.Important aspect such as income,present health-condition,participation in household work,participation in social and religious matters,feeling of loneliness,family interaction etc was also studied.Those who are doing household activities and participating in social and religious matters have lesser chance of having disability.Those who have the feeling of loneliness have 41 percent higher chance of having disability compared to the other group.Those who have interaction with family members have 40percent lesser chance of having disability.If death happened in the family during the last five years then those elderly have 62 percent higher chance of having risk of disability.A detailed study of male and female was also done for further details.

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