The role of women in family and society in Iran

Parastoo Esmaeili, University of Tehran

As the most important role of women in a national and internationl planning in a society, considering their needs are very vital for social life.Increase age at marriage,education and women employment rate from 9.1 in 1996 to 17.4 in 2003 and also unemployment rate from 13.3 to 17 show women in our country are changing from the role of mother to labour force. Today ,because of increasing in househol expenditure fathers in houses have multi-jobs and they are most times out of home and this affects on children treatment that is very important. On the other hands,by stablishing different and safe kindergartens ,mothers prefer take their children there and they themselves have more free times and like to find a job and have financial independancy.If there are not enogh jobs for them, they will be dpressed and has negative effects on children treatments and family structure.

Presented in Poster Session 1