Thursday, July 10 / 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM   •   Amposta

Session 39:
Regional Population Dynamics in the History of Europe (15th - 19th Century)

Chair: Jona Schellekens, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  1. Concentration of wealth and population dynamics in the early modern period (Ivrea, 15th-17th Centuries)Guido Alfani, Università Bocconi

  2. Historical demography, oral history, settlement archaeology, and landscape ecology: The North Orkney Population History ProjectTimothy M. Murtha, Pennsylvania State University ; Patricia L. Johnson, Pennsylvania State University ; James W. Wood, Pennsylvania State University ; Stephen A Matthews, Pennsylvania State University ; Corey S. Sparks, University of Texas at San Antonio ; Julia A. Jennings, Pennsylvania State University

  3. The reconstitution of population of Northern Italy with a comparison between the demographic evolution of Piedmont, Emilia and England (XVII – XIX Centuries)Francesco Scalone, Statistical Office - Province of Bologna ; Lorenzo Del Panta, Università di Bologna

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